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In here we will help you find the answers to your questions. If you do not find the answers here, please contact us.

To create an interior image we need a plan view with the dimensions of the ceiling and windows.

In order to create a design that meets your expectations, we would like to see some design or style examples. The reference pictures can be from our work or from other sources such as interior design styles (modern, industrial, Scandinavian etc) or an interior design package if available.

Digital drawings and 3D models of furniture are suitable for a reference as well.

We will create a first draft based on the plan and your examples and requirements. Then you will get the draft to review and give us you feedback and changes. Lastly, we will make the changes, add last details and finalize the image. 

Final images will be 4000px wide unless required otherwise.

To create a 3D exterior image a 3D model or 2D plan is required. Preferred model formats are .fbx, .obj, .stl, .c4d, .3ds, .dae, sketchup or dxf.

If there is no 3D model of the building, top view and side drawings are required for modelling.

The house can be modelled from photos which need to include few dimensions. In addition, the models, drawings or photos should include a short description of the materials (facade, roof and other materials). Also, if you have preferred lighting conditions (midday, sunset or night) please let us know. 

Keep in mind, in some cases we can only plant the house model to the picture. This might happen when modelling a realistic environment requires extra work such as creating other buildings or landmarks. In this case, there is less control over the lighting. 

Final images will be 4000px wide unless required otherwise.

For 3D animations, we require 3D models and/or drawings and a description of the content. Additionally, we need to know the purpose of the animation, where it will be used and which essential functions, specifications or details must be presented. 

To understand your vision, we would like to see some example videos. Also, please let us know if you would like to include any other graphics (texts, numbers etc.) or have the video in multiple languages. 

Cooperation enables us to create the right content to meet your goals and needs.

Final 3D video will be in Full HD 1080p format unless requested otherwise

A 3D drone picture means adding a 3D object to a photo.

We take 4K quality pictures with drone from different angles and heights.

Together with you we choose the best angles, edit the picture and add landscape and other elements such as people, cars, roads. 

Final images will be 4000px wide unless requested otherwise.

Fair booth visuals are created according to your needs, available budget and booth size.

We help you to maximize the traffic and product visibility. We design the room with specific measurements to achieve the desired visual concept.

To achieve your vision we would like to see some style references and solutions you like. 

Final images will be 4000px wide unless requested otherwise.

A 3D product pictures requires a 3D model or 2D drawing when the model design and details are simple.

Additonally we would also like to know in which environment you want to present the product. If needed we will propose the final solution ourselves.

Final images will be 4000px wide unless requested otherwise.

In general, we complete smaller and medium-sized projects within 1-2 weeks regardless of the workload. Once all the necessary details are provided we will start the work.

For bigger projects such as large and complex residential and commercial buildings, you need to consider with at least one month.

3D videos can take up to 1-4 weeks. Short videos (less than 10 seconds) can be done within a week while longer videos (30-60 seconds) will be done in 2-4 weeks.

Final images will be 4000px wide unless requested otherwise.

The final 3D video is in Full HD 1080p format unless requested otherwise.

We aim for the best quality and value.

Contact us for an offer.

Usually, we reply within 12 hours.